The Worth Devotional

Get closer to God by understanding how much He values you.

How we as women view ourselves has a direct impact on how we mother our children. The Bible has A LOT to say about our value in Christ.

Join me on a 10-day journey as I share my personal experiences and go through the scriptures that have helped my perspective.

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Through this devotional you will:

  1. STOP doubting your intrinsic value and understand the extreme love God has for you.
  2. Develop a mindset that will propel you closer toward being authentic and confident in who you are as a mother.
  3. Strengthen your relationship with Jesus through understanding how scriptures apply to your life.
  4. Be inspired through personal stories of a mother who is overcoming the obstacles of fear and insecurity.

What's included?

See what others have to say:

"I’m reading your devotional and love this. Thanks for sharing your story along the way and being so transparent. It has blessed me so far!!" - Wande

Created and presented by Shayla Caldwell of JunkDrawerMom

Hi friends! My name is Shayla and I'm the creator of JunkDrawerMom. Through my motherhood journey, I've learned that it's much more beneficial to be authentic about my growth process. When I became truly honest and started facing my fear and insecurities surrounding motherhood, it not only helped me enjoy my life, but it also enhanced my relationships with those I love the most.

With my platform, I desire to share inspirational and faith-based content to help you do the same. There is only one of you, and you have been created for a purpose! I hope that through this devotional, you will begin to understand how much you are valued and loved, and that you start living from that truth. #hidingisoverrated